I-Corps Entrepreneurship Training for NRTs

Special Workshops Summer 2020

I-Corps Entrepreneurship Training for NRTs

Learn Innovation Skills - Broaden Your Impact


Benefits of Participation

  • Learn about the lean startup method (the basis for the NSF’s I-Corps™  program) applied to technology commercialization.
  • Prepare STEM students with skills, experience and credentials that will advantage them in their future studies and careers
  • Expand your NRT institution's state-of-the-art innovation and entrepreneurship training opportunities for  students and faculty
  • Increase National Science Foundation funding opportunities for faculty
  • Train students and faculty to address diversity and inclusion in the context of innovation and entrepreneurship

What We Do

  • NRT trainees and faculty will participate in an intensive, hands-on weekend workshop based on the I-Corps @ UMass Amherst Innovators Warm-Up and Innovators Jump-Start programs.
  • The program is focused on introduced to the key steps for the commercialization of lab-based research technology, especially the customer discovery process and related considerations of diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias. 

Who Should Participate

  • Faculty and students from NSF NRT sites, especially from institutions that do no have easy access to an I-Corps site or node.

When, Where and How

  • Apply for May 29-31 or June 12-14
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Stipends available to support travel and meals


Kenneth Carter, Professor of Polymer Science & Engineering, <krcarter@polysci.umass.edu>
Leadership Team:
Karen Utgoff, Director of ICorps@UMass Amherst, <kutgoff@umass.edu>
Nilanjana Dasgupta, Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Director of Equity & Inclusion, <dasgupta@psych.umass.edu>
Ina Ganguli, Associate Professor of Economics, <iganguli@umass.edu>
Burnley Jaklevic, Director of Technology Transfer Office, <bjaklevic@research.umass.edu>;
Allison J. Koss, Manager of Communications in Research & Engagement, <Allison.koss@umass.edu>;
Christine Piquette, Grants & Contracts Coordinator, Polymer Science & Engineering, <cpiquette@umass.edu>