"Mobile and Connected Health: Towards a Proactive, Preventive, and Patient-centered Healthcare System using Wearable Sensors and Networks"

Sunghoon Lee
Harvard Medical School, Motion Analysis Laboratory @ Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation,
IALS/CICS (Host Ben Marlin)
March 30, 2016 - 4:00pm
Computer Science Building, Room 151

Abstract:  The health care systems of many industrialized nations, including the US, are facing daunting challenges such as a clear trend towards an aging of the population. This large elderly population having complex health conditions is beginning to severely stress the Medicare system. Researchers, health service providers and government leaders are seeking technological solutions to this problem in order to expand the capabilities of the healthcare system.

This talk will introduce research in mobile and connected health, an interdisciplinary research field that brings together experts in engineering, data science, and healthcare in order to support the much needed transformation of healthcare from reactive and hospital-centered to proactive, evidence-based, and personalized care system. More specifically, this talk will discuss an end-to-end research methodology for 1) developing novel body sensors and remote monitoring systems that are motivated by practical medical needs, 2) analyzing the obtained data to quantify patients’ condition, and 3) validating the systems’ efficacy through clinical trials. Some ongoing research projects targeting knee osteoarthritis, stroke, and traumatic brain injury patients will be presented.

A reception will be held at 3:40 in the atrium, outside the presentation room.