Professional Science Writers/Communicators Panel

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Molecular & Cellular Biology (Host: Casey A. Gilman)
April 20, 2016 - 1:15pm
French Hall 209

This event is open to anyone interested in a career in science writing or communication and those intending to stay in academia and actively engage with the public. Perhaps you are curious how to move from academia to a career in writing or communication? Or maybe you would just like to learn how these professionals with science training approach the way they communicate with the public.

Please join us in welcoming a dynamic group of communicators with diverse backgrounds and careers.

Dr. Christine Buckley - Director of Communications, UConn College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Bridget Macdonald - communications specialist, US Fish & Wildlife

Dr. Diane Kelly - Research Assistant Professor, UMass, book and blog author, game creator

Dr. Alla Katsnelson - freelance science writer and editor