OPD/Teaching: Cheating Lessons: Learning from Academic Dishonesty

Dr. James M. Lang
Prof of English and Dir of Center for Teaching Excellence, Assumption College
September 15, 2017 - 12:15pm
Events Hall, Commonwealth Honors College

When students engage in academically dishonest behaviors, they may be responding to subtle pressures in the learning environment that interfere with deep learning and nudge them toward cheating. Hence if we can gain a better understanding of the reasons for academically dishonest behavior, we can use that knowledge to improve our course design, teaching practices, and communication with students. Please join Dr. James M. Lang, Professor of English and Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence, Assumption College, for this presentation that will provide an overview of the various pressures that push student toward academic dishonesty, propose solutions for helping students learn how to do their work with integrity, and invite discussion about how to build a campus culture of academic integrity.

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