IALS (CBD): Moving Faster from Idea to Publication - A Research Technology Symposium from GE (MUST RSVP)

February 2, 2018 - 9:30am
LSL Room S330



Post Academic Career Experiences: A Discussion with GE Healthcare Employees
A number of PhD level GE Healthcare professionals will be on-site for a free, day-long Research Technology Symposium, designed to showcase a broad array of GE research technologies. Following the technical presentations, OPD will co-sponsor a Career Panel to showcase a variety of careers at and away from the bench. Attend this session to learn about career paths in sales, field applications science, scientific support, and more! Preregistration required, and to receive a copy of the schedule.




Moving Faster from Idea to Publication

    - A Research Technology Symposium from GE


Friday, February 2, 2018        

UMASS Amherst

LSL Room S330   



--> Attend as many as you wish but please be prompt. <--


 9:30-10:00:   “Cell Culture: From Bioreactor to Harvest”

10:00-10:45:  “Confocal Imaging for High-Throughput Applications”

11:00-11:30:  “Protein Purification: Automating Multi-Step Processes”

11:30-Noon:  “Beyond Chemiluminescence: Getting the Most Out of Your Western Blots”

12:15-1:00:    “Protein Binding & Kinetics: Label-Free & Real-Time Measurement”

1:00-1:30:     “Nucleic Acid: Extraction, Archival, Amplification & Purification”

 1:30-2:00:    “App-timizing Your Workflow: Consumables Tools at Your Fingertips”

2:00-2:45:      Special Discussion: “Post-Academic Career Experiences.” Hosted by several of GE’s Ph.D. employees.







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